Female Vagina Care Yoni Egg Vaginal Tightening Products Natural Aventurine Jade Yoni Egg for Kegel Exercise Trainer Dropshipping

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Number of Pieces : One Unit
Model Number : yoni eggs
Material : aventurine
Brand Name : HUMILO

Item Type : Feminine Hygiene

Kegel Exercisers are the perfect solution to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, helping you gain pelvic strength in an easy, effective and convenient way. Ideal for every woman, it will helps you to prevent incontinence, prepare for a healthy pregnancy,restore pelvic strength after childbirth, and maintain vaginal tightness.

Part of human history since 6000 years and before, Jade is a spiritually potent stone touches the stone. From ancient Chinese to Mexican Shamans and those from the British Isles, Jade was a favorite stone for healing to showing opulence, wealth and powers too.

Benefits of Kegel Exercisers:

Prevent and overcome urinary incontinence.

Prepare and strengthen for a healthy pregnancy.

Recover and restore pelvic strength after childbirth.

Enhance sensation for both partners during intimacy.

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation

Material: Jade

Application: Body

SIZE: 50*30mm 40*30mm 30*20mm


USE: Kegel exercise or strengthening the weak pelvic floor muscles