Hair Dry Spray Styling Product Fluffy Powder Increase Hair Volume Oil Removal Styling No-wash Hairspray Hair Care топ женский

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Model Number : ZN4550
NET WT : 10g
Brand Name : MOONBIFFY

Number of Pieces : One Unit
feature 1 : head tick
feature 2 : anti poux
feature 3 : Hair Dry Spray
feature 4 : Oil Removal
feature 5 : No-wash
feature 6 : Styling Product

Usage: Sprinkle appropriate amount of powder into the palm and blend it together, evenly apply it to dry hair to catch the shape and natural touch of the mist surface, or directly apply it to the roots of hair to create a fluffy hair volume, or use a small amount of powder to make lines and bundles. (Pour proper amount of powder into palms and rub hands together to evenly distribute the powder. Then insert your hands into your hair and rub your hair from the bottom up, like a shampoo. I'll be shaggy, and then I'll fix my hair.)

How to use messy styling:

Put fluffy powder on the palm of your hand and smear it on your wet hair. Then grab it vigorously and evenly for several times to create a fluffy shape. Or put fluffy powder on the wet palm and evenly grab your hair for several times.

Neat shape fluffy Use method:

On the fluffy basis, with a comb gently comb, that is, random shape Pengpeng loose line clear, younger, dynamic.

anti poux      shampoo      shampoo a seco spray cabelo      원피스       head tick