Rose Red Brown Stain Lip Gloss Long-lasting Easy To Wear Velvet Lip Mud Matte Lipstick Women Lip Tint Velvet Lip Glaze Cosmetics

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Number of Pieces : One Unit
Quantity : 1pc
Model Number : Lip Gloss

Type : Lip Gloss


Product Name: Orange Philippines Thai thick lip mud

Net content: 2.5G

Shelf life: 3 years (mainly in packaging)

Product color number: 01# jujube paste milk powder

02# tipsy rose powder

03# slightly choking red

04# light milk coffee

05# caramel wood brown

06# lazy mud red

Product features: fine texture smooth thin film, showing texture, matte effect

Applicable to the crowd: general


1. Air Lip Mud \Thin, Light, Soft and Soft Smooth Lip

2. Close to lips like air, full and colorful from beginning to end, controlling various styles, sweet, lovely and gentle temperament

3. New texture, frost lip mud, soft and scorch makeup effect, silky, light and easy to color, cheese firmly locks color, color is not easy to decolorize

4. The upper mouth is easy to stretch, dense, soft and waxy milk mud, soft and smooth, and strong powder mist is naturally blooming

5. dumb but not dry, a touch of release soft focus fog facial makeup feeling, lip makeup with leather filter, a halo melt, soft waxy hidden lip lines

A stunning touch that melts between the lips and is as light as nothing.

Package Included:

1 * Lip Glaze