Women Washable Menstrual Panties Liners Pads for Menstruation Reusable Bamboo Charcoal Cloth Menstrual Pads Feminine Hygiene

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Color:  large pad ML07
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Quantity : 1 pcs menstrual pads
Model Number : Sanitary Pads
Brand Name : Aneercare

Item Type : Feminine Hygiene
Product Life Time : 3 Years
packaging : Simple packaging
Color : Randomly send overnight cloth pads
Type : washable sanitary pad , washable sanitary napkin
Type 1 : bamboo menstrual pads 32.5 cm
Type 2 : Washable Sanitary Towel
Type 3 : absorbent reusable
Type 4 : reusable sanitary pads
Type 5 : sanitary pads
Type 6 : Women sanitary napkin

Our bamboo charcoal sanitary napkins have strong
absorption and keep you dry at all times
Bamboo charcoal fiber layer is healthy, caress your
The outer layer is waterproof to prevent leakage.
The wings have plastic snaps that can be clipped
to the underwear to improve safety.
L: Length 32.5* 20 cm

About sanitary napkins

1 Bamboo charoal
2 Microfiber Layers Super absorber
1 Waterproof cloth
·Heavy Flow,night use

Our bamboo charcoal sanitary napkins are made of pure cotton fabric
and waterproof fabric. The inner layer has strong water absorption
characteristics and the outer layer is waterproof.

How to Use

1.Open the Sanitary pads
2.Put the Sanitary pads
3.Close the snap button
4.Pack the Sanitary pads when you are out on your underware

How To Wash A Sanitary Pads

1.Soak the pad and napkins in cold water
2.Use soak and wash them like you would wash your other clothing
3.Do not use hot water .Hot water will ‘fix’blood stains on the cloth